Our Story

How We Met
Nicole and J. L. attended Belmont University and met because Nicole was an RA in J. L.'s sister dorm. One day in late August, Nicole caught him helping a girl move a TV during non-visitation hours and wrote him up. Both went on their separate ways and thought nothing of the other for little while.
However, over the next few months, J. L. couldn't help but admire what some mutual friends had to say about a girl named Nicole and at the same time took notice of a beautiful brunette he often saw in the residence hall lobby. It didn't take too long for J. L. to put two and two together and realized that the beautiful girl, the RA who wrote him up and the infamous Nicole were all the same person. He quickly put together a plan to get to know her better.

Their mutual friend, and now best man, Steven Martin, introduced the pair in March of 2009. Nicole thought J. L. was very handsome and seemed sweet, but she wasn't interested in getting into a relationship. However, J. L. had a plan.

J. L. put together a show and made sure his friends brought Nicole along. Even though she missed some of it, Nicole was very impressed by his music. After the show the two started talking and eventually she invited him to a show she was putting on at a local nonprofit for her voice students. At the show, J. L. was very caring and offered to record the program and every time he saw her, he would offer to buy her some food or a drink. Jennifer, Nicole's sister, encouraged her to talk to him a little bit more so Nicole and J. L. made plans to hang out later that night. However, a friend of Nicole's turned 21 that night and she was about to cancel, but invited him along at the last minute. At dinner J. L. impressed Nicole's friends and even though she didn't know him very well, they all urged her to "go for it" and give J. L. a chance.

After dinner J. L. asked Nicole if she'd like to take a walk and the two enjoyed a walk under the stars talking about life, their families, mutual friends and their dreams. When they returned at about three in the morning, J. L. surprised Nicole and, after acknowledging how forward this might seem, and asked her if she would do him the honor of being his girlfriend. Nicole, not being the type to be impulsive, surprised herself as well when she said yes. Even though things were moving fast, Nicole felt a great sense of peace being with J. L. as she felt something telling her that she should say yes to him and that this would be a good relationship.

Since that day, the two have been inseparable and have become the best of friends.

Our Proposal
J. L. popped the question at Opryland Hotel on December 12, 2012. For the complete story, check out Nicole's recanting of the evening on Nicole's blog