About Us

Nicole is a graduate student studying English Writing and currently works at Belmont University as a Residence Director. She loves her job mentoring, working and living with her 200 college sophomores. Nicole aspires to be an author and is currently working on both a novel and a nonfictional book for young adults. She is very passionate about the abolitionist movement to end modern day slavery in Nashville and around the world. Nicole also loves baking, cooking, reading, traveling and loves to laugh.

J. L. is finishing up his last year of school at Belmont and is interning on Music Row at Big Yellow Dog publishing. He's a talented musician/songwriter and affiliate of SESAC in the process of launching a new band. He hopes to begin a career doing design for the music industry while working on his music in hopes that his music can become his full time career someday soon. J. L. loves technology, volunteering, design, games of all kinds, movies, laughing, trying new food, and most of all, his precious Nicole White.